About Me

Hello, I am Kevin Forster.  I enjoy playing soccer, coaching, tubing, seeing people succeed, and finding what gives their life real value.  I am pursuing a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education at Grand Valley and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology that serves as my teachable minor.  I plan to teach Mathematics at the High School level someday, but this Fall I am excited to be assistant teaching at a Charter school in Holland!

To help you get to know a few facts about me, pick out the lie in these three statements…


Calamari- Baby squid

I have traveled to the Netherlands and Guatemala.

I enjoy eating calamari.

I have saved two penalty kicks in a soccer game before.

penalty kick save

Penalty Kick Save

Comment at the bottom which you think is the lie!

I have recently began a new course at Grand Valley called Educational Technology in Education and I must admit that I do not have a vast amount of experience incorporating technology into a lesson plan.  I have worked with the hour of code, and designed a lesson based on a video about exponential powers of 10, but that is really the extent of my experience in planning to use educational technology.  Also, I have been able to practice using a smart board beneficially at the middle school level for a speed dating game to teach about inequalities.


Picture of my girlfriend Moriah and I

The picture above displays my girlfriend of 18 months Moriah.  She is very dear to me and my best friend.

One school I have thoroughly enjoyed working at was Creekside Middle School in Zeeland.  I did some observations of Tara Maynard a leader in the #MichED community at the eighth grade algebra and geometry levels.  I benefited greatly from seeing how a flipped classroom operates and learning lots about classroom management!

Overall, I have an exciting summer ahead!  I am currently taking a mathematical modeling course alongside my educational technology class.  I am excited to report more of my experiences in the days and months to come!



  1. I’m going to guess that the countries are the lie (you’ve been to several countries and one of them is correct but the other is not). Then again, I don’t know too many people who think calamari is their FAVORITE food (i.e., I like calamari, but it’s not my must-have food).


    1. Hey Jason, the truth is actually that I have been to Guatemala and the Netherlands. The lie is that calamari is my favorite food because I cannot stand calamari because I had an awful first experience with it at a Chinese buffet.


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