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I am new to the twitter universe, but below I will share about twenty math teachers I followed and what they seem to tweet about!  Also I will share some of the videos they have been a part of and why I appreciate them as I aspire to be a future math educator!

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Dr. Francis Su’s Youtube Page  Dr. Francis Su is the president of the Mathematical Association of America and he provides fascinating thoughts on mathematics in his videos.  He is relatively new to youtube, but will have many promising great posts in the future I am sure.

He is also on twitter at @mathyawp where he tweets mostly on fruit and the exciting parts of his day, spiced up with a bit of math talk!

Mr. Robb’s Math Videos– Robb’s youtube channel provides many extremely helpful lessons and thoughts on teaching mathematics as he provides a great framework for instrumental understanding among students.

@MsMathematics: Jessica Newville is a math teacher who tweets about the power of math teachers in helping students and why we teach.

@mjfenton Michael Fenton loves #slowmathchat and aspires to become a better teacher providing his students with sound instruction and this is what he tweets about most.

@jruelbach Julie discusses mathematics and provides inspiration for every day life by making fun mothers day graphs in desmos and caring about people in a variety of ways through tweeting!

@JH_Ferguson Trey brings excitement to mathematics through his dynamic personality and tweets about his everyday work with his students and in his running!

@0IsLessThan1  Stephen MacLennan tweets with passion on his role in teaching and tries to get people to be more actively thinking about math and involved in his community in Minnesota!

@gogeometry Antonio Gutierrez is a fine math professional that tweets mostly about geometry problems.

@teachmaths Jim Noble tweets on the topics he teaches his students and challenges other teachers to teach him because he wants to learn.

@mathie314 Thomas Jackson tweets about his progression as a teacher and neat advances around the world.

@intmath Murray Bourne tweets many inspirational quotes from Einstein and many others to inspire us all today!

@ShelbyAaberg Shelby Aaberg the Nebraska teacher of the year tweets a ton and wants to see education advance plan and simple.

@mathequalslove Sarah Hagan is one of the leaders in social media today among mathematics teachers and she tweets on everything tips for teaching, her classroom, and mathematics ideas.

@wilcoxl22 One of the best Statistics teachers in the nation Luke Wilcox tweets on his races and a bit on his AP Statistics teaching.

@SteveWyborney Steve provides tons of ideas on technology for mathematics teachers through his tweets and help in organization in your classroom.

@tmaynard5 Tara tweets about #miched and is a major proponent of collaboration among teachers.

@mathhombre Prof. Golden tweets on everything from super heroes to mathematics to drawings in Geogebra and Desmos.

Dan Meyers Youtube Channel Dan Meyer is a leader in Math education and he provides funny and insightful videos on the dilemma of math teachers overcoming what society tells students about math.

David Coffey’s Youtube Channel Inspires families to learn math at home and has a variety of creative ideas to help people develop their math skills.

Matthew Weather’s Youtube Channel His channel displays some amazing use of technology in which he pulls an amazing prank on his students and does some neat math problems.

One of my frustrations with social media outlets like twitter is that they seem to exclude those who do not have pages or those that do not feel it is valuable use of their time for them to grow their twitter or youtube account.  That is why I like to look at Ted Talks for inspiration as a teacher and incite on how to improve as a professional.  One of my favorite Ted Talks is by Eduardo Saenz De Cabezon who I could not find any youtube pages for, but is a fine math professional!  His Ted Talk is called Math is Forever.



Hard to read, but this is who I followed on twitter

Hard to read, but this is who I followed on twitter



  1. Pretty sure my YT channel does not fit; I’ve never really figured out what I have for that medium. Have you seen James Tanton’s or Mike Lawler’s That’s amazing stuff.

    The #MTBoS is always looking at getting to the problem you bring up at the end. Have you seen They just started a new campaign following up NCTM’s national conference. It’s not that they’re excluding so much as they’ve formed genuine attachments to the people we tweet with. I consider them friends and colleagues in a real way. It’s weird.


    1. That is probably true, I actually pulled your youtube page off before I ever saw your comment. I will have to look into James and Mike’s youtube channels! It was difficult to find good ones through random searches. I will check into the #MTBoS folks. This is definitely a major problem that I have noticed, for those who do not tweet or use social media heavily. Their every day awesome ideas stay in a small network around them. I will probably post more on this in the future! Maybe some sort of a social media guru will become a really position to assist in the spread of excellent ideas from one teacher to the world. I can imagine someone that does not use social media sharing their ideas to coworkers, and them passing it on to the social media guru who can help it spread or be put up for discussion. Additionally the guru would bring more positive light to the school district and their department.


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