Blogging for 8 months… A Newbies Thoughts on Blogging

I have been blogging about my experiences in mathematics since September, and I thought I would very much dislike it at first.  I thought it’s just another way to journal, and it is one more thing I don’t want to take time for.  Here is what I have learned about Blogging for mathematical enrichment and reflection!

Writing a good blog post takes time, but it’s time well spent when you are writing on a topic you want to talk about!

I struggled and struggled with the first couple blog posts I made about mathematics because I was forcing myself to talk about what we had done in class that same day or what math was being taught in my class.  When I opened up my mind to the possibility that I could blog about what I was most passionate about at the time, I discovered that blogging provides an amazing opportunity for exploration and an enhanced outlook on mathematics!

Do not write ideas you could post a picture to establish!



Reflect and Question in each post!


This is the way to truly learn and grow in understanding of how to be a better teacher and develop student understanding.  The reflection and questioning is what makes blogging such a vital tool for students because students can receive immediate feedback and guidance in the process of questioning and reflecting.  Allowing for students to be better aided by their teachers in the process of discovery.  Journal checks( if a student is lucky feedback) can occur once a month or once a week if a teacher is really on the ball, but blog posts can be read and commented on by a teacher within the same day!

In the future, I could post information in my blog that challenges students to think deeply and allows them to gain a better understanding of how I approach math.  The point is not for my students to think about math in the same way I do, but to develop their own framework for exploring problems and developing tools to utilize as they enhance their relational understanding in a variety of mathematical topics.  I see my blog as an opportunity to represent a fair blog to my students and encourage them to make theirs better than mine by being more creative, more insightful, and using their own unique voice!

I am still contemplating whether I will have my students blog when I first become a teacher, but I am strongly considering it!  I believe reflection is one of the most valuable parts of student growth and consolidation of understanding.  When I do have my students blog, I will challenge them to explore areas beyond the scope of our class and include videos and pictures in their blogs frequently and describe what they think the pictures or videos mean to them.  What questions did their exploration raise and what did they notice?  I am not sure how often I would have students blog, but I think blogging on a once a week basis with some class time to do it sounds beneficial!  Let me know if you have any thoughts on how often students should blog in the comments.  Also, I would comment on my students blogs weekly and ask that they comment on a different classmates blog each week with what they learned by engaging with their classmates’ post.

Overall, I am very excited to continue blogging and learning from reading the many more creative and unique blogs out there for mathematics learning and in other subjects too!

Reflection is at the heart of learning!

Reflection is at the heart of learning!



  1. One way to think about blogging is as your own personal learning experience. In other words, you write to learn (or at least organize your thoughts and document your journey). For your future class, take baby steps. Start by modeling blogging in a one-way fashion (sharing information), then expand to include the students in two-way communication, followed by networking.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely like the idea of blogging to reflect and organize my thoughts and have students do the same. I look forward to modeling how to blog to my students, and then bringing them to the point where they blog and comment on each others blogs.


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