Landscaping in an Educational Complex: 3 Key Points of Consideration

A peculiar title, but one that teachers have to consider throughout every school year.  In my current 7th grade math classroom at a small charter school of about 60-70 7th graders, we have what I have imagined as a relatively standard classroom set up.  The teacher’s desk is in the front left of the classroom.  The students seats were organized in 6 rows that are staggered with 3 tables in each row.  Each row has space for six students in it as each table holds two students.  In the back of the room there is a storage closet and all of the classroom textbooks on the left wall.  For a better understanding of my coordinating teachers classroom layout…

Classroom Layout 7th Grade Math Class

Classroom Layout 7th Grade Math Class.  The door to enter the room is in the lower right and the storage closet is a bit more pushed back at the bottom.

When I discussed our classroom layout with my coordinating teacher, he explained that a few years back he was offered the option of having individual desks for students, or having tables.  He chose tables because he believed that tables would be easier to move in ways that promoted collaboration, and also they would make it easier for students to have discussions with their neighbors.  I believe that creating collaborative options is one of the keys to landscaping in a classroom for a teacher.  In the future I will definitely arrange my tables or desks in a way that promotes student collaboration and microteaching between students.

I could go on and on about the classroom landscape, but for the sake of time I want to share my present three most crucial considerations for the landscape.

1. Collaborative value-The layout promotes student discussion and teamwork.

2.Uniqueness-The layout is intriguing and interesting; is it just like all of there other classes, if it is you may want to tweak it.

3. Accessibility-The teacher can easily maneuver around the classroom to best meet student needs.

The classroom layout of a teacher is vital to their goals in creating a vibrant classroom culture, and a sound space for student learning.  I am excited to learn more about the secrets to a great classroom layout throughout my experiences observing teachers and seeing new schools.


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